Lead Perfection

Lead Perfection Test Form

Certain parameters require little description other than their names. They simply will be populated with the appropriate data values for the given lead. These would include: - FirstName, LastName, Address1, City, State, Zip, Email The only issue worth noting for these first 6 fields would be the maximum length allowed. It would seem appropriate to restrict maximum length to the sizes listed in figure 2
Phone Fields LeadPerfection can accommodate up to 3 phone numbers being passed by the spAddCorpLeadToINQ procedure. The first of which will be considered the “Primary” number and will appear on the “General” tab for the given prospect. All additional phone numbers will ultimately be stored on the “Phones” tab. This being the case, the number passed as “Phone1” would normally be the home phone number of the given prospect. LeadPerfection will automatically remove any formatting from the phone number field. This includes parentheses, periods, dashes, spaces, and the forward slash. Since LeadPerfection allows specification of the Phone Type for each phone number, besides parameters for Phone1, Phone2 and Phone3, there are corresponding parameters for PhoneType1, PhoneType2 and PhoneType3, which should be populated with the appropriate phone type value for each respective phone number used. If any of Phone1, Phone2 or Phone3 are unused, their corresponding values for phone type should be populated with a zero. The Phone Types table is a standard setup table in LeadPerfection which can be updated, if necessary, by any user with appropriate access. The values listed below should be confirmed, as they are only the original set delivered as part of our initial setup.
In LeadPerfection, sources are specified in a two-tiered approach. First, each lead will have a “Source Code”. This is the broad, major marketing category of the lead. Typical values might be “Internet”, “Mail”, or “HomeShow”. Each lead will also have a “Source-Sub” code. This would be the more specific value, such as “Service Magic”, “Val-Pak August ’09 Mailer” or “State Fair 2009”. Source Codes and Source- Subs are in a parent/child relationship, such that each Source-Sub belongs to a specific Source, and Sources might have many Source-Subs beneath them. Both the Source and Source-Sub are determined by values maintained in a table under the clients’ control, and will be different in each installation of LeadPerfection. Therefore, selection of the correct Source Code and Source-Sub ID# should be coordinated with the client. LeadPerfection allows for an option that will populate the Source Code based upon the lookup of the Source-Sub, if it has been specified. To make posting to this form easier, we have the “ForceSource” indicator turned on. This way, you need only supply the Source-Sub ID which should be provided by the client.
All information obtained that does not appear to have an appropriate, similar field in LeadPerfection should be mapped to the “Notes” field. This would normally include any TextArea entry that the user is permitted to enter.
If the lead is originating from a source like a Home Show or a Canvassing service, this field should receive the employee ID of the promoter/setter who generated the lead. Employee IDs can always be looked up by the client in their LeadPerfection system