Advantages of Transforming Bathtubs to Showers

One popular bathroom remodeling project that’s simple—but adds value — is a tub to shower conversion. These projects involve the removal of the existing tub and the installation of a walk-in shower stall. Even a small bathroom upgrade like this can make a big difference in this all-important area. When planned and executed properly, bathroom renovations are hassle-free, practical, and affordable. Here are some of the advantages of converting bathtubs to showers.

These alterations are popular among those who rarely use their bathtubs and families with smaller bathrooms. They’re also ideal for household members who suffer from a lack of mobility. Tub to shower conversions are simple when performed by skilled contractors, and TubToday is proud to help families achieve their goals. If you’re thinking of this bathroom upgrade, examine a few of its benefits.

A Safer and More Accessible Showering Space
Tub to shower conversions offers great safety benefits to family members with mobility issues. Stepping into a smooth porcelain tub can be risky, but a shower stall can be customized to meet the ADA’s regulations and standards. We can add innovations such as low seating and grab bars to meet the needs of those with varied accessibility requirements.

Less Maintenance and High-Quality Materials
Older tubs were typically made with tile, grout, and other hard-to-clean surfaces. However, today’s walk-in showers are built for low maintenance and durability, with top-quality materials that require periodic cleaning. We install showers with mold- and mildew-resistant technology that results in fresh and clean surfaces with little effort. If your tub is showing its age and taking up too much space, it might be time to make the switch to an easy-to-maintain walk-in shower.

Minimalist Styling
The bathtub is one of the bathroom’s focal points, and it’s normally the first thing one sees when they step into the room. If your tub is antiquated, worn, or has a shower curtain, it can be quite the eyesore. Today’s shower stalls include glass doors that showcase the lovely tiling and fixtures inside. We offer a selection of shower options in various textures, designs, and colors.

Our team of specialist designers will work with you to find the right style for your home during a tub to shower conversion, based on its layout, size, tub area, and other circumstances. Contact us at TubToday to schedule a design consultation.

A More Stylish Space
One of the biggest benefits of tub to shower conversions is the level of customization that’s possible. As mentioned earlier, our designers will work with you to pick a design that fills your family’s needs, space requirements, and budget. When planning the shower area, we’ll help you choose from a variety of door types, tile designs, fixtures, wall surrounds, shelving, and more.

Effortless Tub to Shower Conversions
Getting a shiny, sleek new shower is easier than most people think. If you’re using an ancient and worn-out bathtub and this list of advantages of converting bathtubs to showers has helped you determine that it’s time for an upgrade, call the pros at TubToday for help. We’re proud to provide homeowners with the highest-quality home renovation assistance. If you would like to discuss an upcoming bathroom remodeling plan, call us today or visit us at TubToday to learn more about our company.