Show me walk in showers

APPEARANCE Sampled from actual stone and granite slabs, this product provides a flawless, high resolution visual reproduction of beautiful natural stones. VALUE Costs significantly less than natural stone, and often much less than other bathroom remodeling products. INSTALLATION Can be installed quickly and easily over a variety of substrate materials, allowing skilled installers to transform [...]

How To Choose Your Walk-In Bathtub

Glossary Get Bather Measurements Determine Home Dimensions Evaluate Door Shape and Opening Dimensions Choose Door Styles Choose Door Handle Position Preferences Consider Drain & Door Direction Understand Therapeutic Options Learn About Possible Therapeutic Benefits Why Choose Walk-in Tub USA Bather Measurements Determine the optimal width of the seat. A. Measure your hip width in a seated [...]

Safe, Affordable Bathroom Remodeling for Seniors

Calacatta White 3x6 Simtile

Bathroom remodeling can be a matter of safety more than a matter of aesthetics for many seniors. Regular bathroom setups can become unsafe for seniors with mobility or accessibility hurdles. Adaptations might be necessary for walkers or wheelchairs, more space for other medical equipment, or perhaps manual supports and assists for the hands. Seniors aged […]

This Common First Aid Treatment Can Also Clean Your Tub

SHEA SIMMONS @heysheashea You probably already know vinegar can clean nearly anything, but there’s also a first-aid-kit staple that’s multipurpose. In fact, it can help clean your tub. Hydrogen peroxide can clean your shower or bathtub by removing yellowing and brightening grout. Those who have grout are well acquainted with how dirty it can get. […]

Walk-in Bathtubs with MicroBubble Therapy

microbubble therapy

Infusion MicroBubble Therapy is a calming activity that offers many added benefits to your bathing activity and it’s coming to you from TubToday & Ella’s Bubbles. Infusion MicroBubble Therapy is a process of infusing the pressurized water with millions of micro sized, oxygen rich bubbles. Sit back and relax as your bath will change into a […]