How much do walk in bathtubs cost?

Costs vary from model to model and from home to home. As with any type of construction project you are in control of the details and finishes and your home dictates the complexity of the installation process. We offer solutions to fit every budget, but most folks end up spending anywhere from $3000.00 for a retrofit walk in bathtub solution to $18,000 for a fully loaded two seat walk in bathtub. The majority of our clients fall somewhere in between. When consulting with our product specialists be sure to discuss all options available, including walk in bathtubs, showers and retrofit solutions. The right solution for you needs to first and foremost be a product that solves your safety and therapeutic needs and secondly offers you the aesthetics you desire.

I have a very small bathroom, will a walk in bathtub fit?

We have a wide variety of models to fit every size bathroom. Our team has been working with walk in bathtubs and showers for over a decade and we have an outrageous amount of experience and knowledge. Rest assured that we will find a solution for you regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom.

Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for walk in bathtubs or showers?

Typically no. We do recommend that you contact your insurance agent prior to engaging a product specialist in your home. It makes the most sense for you to know how you will be paying for the project and what your budget is prior to meeting so that the consultation will be as productive as possible. If your insurance company denies coverage, we can work with your monthly budget and finance your project through one of our lenders. We can even pre-qualify you prior to your in home consultation with no impact on your credit or credit score!

Why can’t you give me a quote over the phone?

We pride ourselves in offering many different options to solve your bathroom concerns. Our solutions are not one size fits all. We take our time with all of our customers to ensure we are offering you the best products and services that fit within your budget & solve your concerns. The best way to do this is to setup some time with one of our product specialists so they can discuss your needs, see the space, & ultimately help you design the bathroom of your dreams!

Why don’t you recommend tile in the wet spaces of my bathroom?

Grout is an extremely porous material. In our experience, when tile & grout are used in a wet space, like your bathroom, the water seeps down into the pores of the grout and it will eventually mold. When this happens, you will see your tiles start to buckle or come off the floor/walls. All of our materials are rated for the wet areas of the bathroom & are built to last!

Do you offer any financing options?

Yes, we do! We work with different lenders to ensure we are offering competitive interest rates and financing terms. We are always running different financing promotions as well. Our financing pre-qualification process is quick, easy, & can be done right over the phone without any personal information!

How long does the installation process take?

Our installers are professional, efficient, & have great attention to detail. They treat every bathroom as if it were their own. Most projects can be done in as little as 1 day. Your product specialist will be able to give you a better idea as to how long the installation process will take when they meet with you.