What This Warranty Covers

TubToday warrants that TubToday products shall be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the product. This warranty applies to TubToday products that have been installed by a TubToday factory-trained dealer in accordance with TubToday installation instructions, as recommended, and not damaged due to misuse, abuse or improper installation. This warranty will remain in force only for the original purchaser and original installation of these products in residential indoor applications.

What This Warranty Does Not Cover

Damage caused during shipping, whether noted at the time of receipt or not, or by improper unloading, moving or other form of handling of the products. Damage caused by improper cleaning or by the use of cleaning products not recommended by TubToday. Changes made to the product by professional tradesmen or fabricators, or damage caused through fabrication or installation error. Variation in color that is inherent in the several TubToday patterns,or slight differences in tone from one batch to another. Costs associated with installation or removal of TubToday products. This warranty does not apply to TubToday materials installed by anyone except a factory-trained dealer.

What We Will Do

If the TubToday product covered by this warranty is found by TubToday or one of its authorized representatives to be defective in materials or workmanship, TubToday will repair, or, at its option, exchange the product for a similar part or model. TubToday’s option to repair or exchange TubToday material under this warranty does not cover any labor or other costs of removal or installation, nor shall TubToday be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributable to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product.