Affordable walk-in tubs for small bathrooms

Elevating Bathing Experiences with Affordable Walk-in Tubs for Small Bathrooms

Relaxation at home after a long day is something everyone deserves, and an integral part of this tranquility often lies in bathing. Imagine having a bathtub that offers not just hot water and bubbles, but an entire therapeutic and accessible experience. TubToday is paving the way by providing affordable walk-in bathtubs that are not just safe but also transform your bathroom into a personal spa, even in the tightest of spaces.

Exceptional Features of TubToday Walk-in Tubs

TubToday’s exclusive range of walk-in tubs is marked by design features such as doors and seats, offering comfort and relaxation.

Versatile Accessibility: Doors with Purpose

TubToday’s walk-in tubs are designed with accessible aluminum doors that follow an L-shape design. These outward swinging doors facilitate a smooth transition with a 21-inch toilet clearance, particularly beneficial for individuals using wheelchairs or other accessibility devices. Other shapes such as Stainless Steel U-Shaped Doors, Acrylic U-Shaped Doors, and unique S-Class Door Shapes are also available.

Varied Transfer Models: Fitting into Your Space

The variety of transfer models accommodates different user needs and bathroom dimensions. From a small Transfer26 model with a compact 19″ seat, to the ultra-spacious TransferXXXL boasting a 31″ wide seat, these tubs are designed to fit seamlessly into your bathroom, no matter the size.

Premium Material: Acrylic Tubs for Longevity

TubToday ensures reliability and durability with their first-class walk-in tubs made from compact, high-quality acrylic sheets. These tubs are further enhanced with a rust-proof stainless-steel frame under the acrylic coating and multiple layers of fiberglass mesh, promising you a lifetime of relaxation.

Fast Draining: Dual Drain Technology

Equipped with Ella’s Bubbles Dual Drain Technology, TubToday’s walk-in tubs offer a uniquely fast draining experience, reducing wait time significantly.

Therapeutic Features: Luxury and Comfort at Your Control

The bathing experience is elevated with the addition of therapeutic features such as hydro-massage, air massage therapy, and microbubbles. With independent water temperature control, the control of relaxation truly lies in your hands.

Hassle-Free Purchase and Satisfaction Guaranteed

TubToday ensures a smooth purchasing process, offering free instant price quotes and free shipping on most models. A dedicated customer service team is ready to assist, guaranteeing you a lifetime of satisfaction with your walk-in tub.

Addressing Mobility Concerns with Walk-In Tubs

In an era where the aging population is increasing, the need for assistance-friendly fixtures in homes is more significant than ever. Walk-in bathtubs cater to this need perfectly, offering an enhanced bathing experience for the elderly, disabled, or anyone looking to upgrade their bathing routine.

Customer testimonials reinforce the life-changing impact of investing in a walk-in bathtub, hailing it as the “best investment ever made”. Considering the average person spends over 121 hours a year in their bathtub, such an upgrade undoubtedly warrants attention.

With additional features like independent foot massage, hydro massage jets, chromatherapy, and fast draining dual drain technology, TubToday walk-in tubs ensure that mobility issues or limitations of a typical tub should never compromise on safety, comfort, and relaxation while bathing.

Looking for an affordable solution for a luxury spa-like experience in your small bathroom? TubToday, the top-voted walk-in bathtub installer, awaits your call.