Before You Purchase Your Walk-In Tub

Ask Yourself (Not Your Salesman) These Questions

Let’s face it, your salesman is an employee with one job – to sell you a walk-in tub. This is why we recommend asking yourself the following questions; saving you from being persuaded in the wrong direction by expert salesman.

Is the walk-in tub you’re considering assembled, tested, and jetted in the United States?

Contrary to many other companies, each of Ella’s Bubbles’ walk-in tubs are assembled, tested, and jetted in Chicago, Illinois. Be weary of companies that emphasize qualities of U.S. delivery or U.S. retailers/representatives; this is not the same! Choosing a walk-in bathtub that is completed overseas can leave you with a less reliable tub, struggling to capitalize on the “lifetime limited warranty” provided.

Does your walk-in tub have two drains?

Exclusively designed and made possible by Ella’s Bubbles, Dual Drain Technology allows for a faster exit of the tub when your bath is complete. Most salesman will explain that your home is “not capable” or “will not benefit” from this unique technology, simply because their brand of tubs do not offer this feature. Exit wait time is a critical flaw in walk-in bathtubs, and Ella’s Bubbles is the only company to offer an intuitive solution.

Is your walk-in tub design fully custom/unique?

All 25+ walk-in tub models offered by TubToday are custom designed by our expert engineers, making each model 100% unique! With in-house craftsmanship, we have accumulated 15+ years of customer feedback to provide you a perfect walk-in tub experience. On the outside, most walk-in tubs look the same, but over time, design flaws that you can’t see in the photos become more noticeable. These potential flaws include: tight entry, grab bars at the wrong angle, minimal foot-room when trying to relax, incorrect button positioning, and so many more.

Can you choose your own installer?

Do not fall for the glamour of an “all-in-one” walk-in tub & installation package. This is meant to make you feel secure and relaxed, after accepting the financial debt for this decision. When these two qualities are packaged together, you end up paying thousands extra just for the convenience, and do not notice. TubToday is one of the few walk-in tub dealers that allow you to choose your own installer or choose from a wide array of installers from our Installer Network; reducing your cost by tens of thousands of dollars!

Are you being offered a fair price?

“Fair Price” can be interpreted in many ways, and a salesman’s job is make sure you interpret this phrase at as high of a value as possible. TubToday is transparent about our tub pricing, and do not take part in any “Sales Games”. Each tub maintains the same price regardless of your status, budget, or intentions. In fact, our representatives will openly offer discounts (if available) to help keep your investment as low as possible.

Are there additional exclusive features, or is the walk-in tub like every other brand?

A salesman can make any walk-in tub sound unique, especially to back up their hefty price tag. However, almost every walk-in tub brand offers the same features/components in their tub; this is why a salesman is an important asset to the company. Ella’s Bubbles took a different approach, and instilled exclusive therapies (including Microbubble), fully custom designs (patching flaws found in other brands), and even offer some add-ons that are backed by a patent.