Choose the Perfect Ella Walk-in Bathtub

There has been a proliferation of ads and promotions in the walk-in tub industry. Navigating this market of therapeutic jets, low step-in heights, and gimmicky sales pitches can be challenging. There are a number of factors that remain consistent throughout, and you should pay close attention to those when you make your final decision. Most people will need to take care of safety, accessibility, muscle and joint soreness, personal hygiene, and aesthetics. Prepare yourself with a punch list of items that your bathtub needs in order to last for a long time. Create your walk-in tub based on your preferences! There’s an Ella walk-in bathtub model that works for everyone.

Safety and accessibility will be considered when considering step-in height, door type, door swing, and safety integrations. Inward and outward swinging doors offer different levels of accessibility. All bathrooms will benefit from inward swing doors, as they are comfortable for most bathers. Bathtubs with outward swinging doors provide easier access to the tub, as they do not need to swing past your legs when operating. The largest doors are on transfer-style bathtubs. While they are easily accessible for all bathers, they require more room in the bathroom to swing the extra-wide 36″ L-shaped outward swinging door. Grab bars strategically positioned in the tub will increase safety and confidence during use.

You can experience great therapeutic pain relief from an Ella walk-in bathtub. Hydro massage is the most popular option among customers. This system features a hydro pump with in-line water heater, an environmental-friendly ozone sterilization system, a hydro massage intensity control dial, and strategically placed hydro jets for targeted, effective massage. While bathing, the in-line water heater maintains the water temperature at a constant level for maximum comfort. The ozone sterilization system is the most eco-friendly, chemical free disinfectant that can eliminate a wide array of inorganic, organic, and microbiological bacteria. The sterilization system is especially effective at eliminating odors and maintaining hygienic conditions. In addition, the hydro massage intensity control dial allows you to adjust the strength of the water stream by adding more or less air to the hydro system.

Additionally, your walk-in bathtub can facilitate and assist you with personal hygiene. A multi-speed air jet massage system is also recommended. The air system can power a variety of jets throughout the walk-in bathtub, including the bidet jets. The purpose of air jetting systems is to put motion in the water and help remove oil, dead skin cells, and debris.

We recommend a micro-bubble system for people with skin irritations, eczema, dry skin, or other chronic skin conditions. Microbubble therapy aids in deep cleansing of the skin, as well as complementing daily moisturizing and topical routines. Those who are prone to infection or have open wounds or sores may find this even more important.

Glass shower screens and oversized shower columns are optional features that stand out and contribute substantially to the residual value of walk-in tubs. A walk-in tub is different from a bathtub or shower. The Ella 4-Fold Shower Screen is a one-of-a-kind product and the best choice for walk-in bathtubs. In contrast to shower curtains that stick to the walls of the tub or a solid glass shower panel that may make bathers feel claustrophobic, the screen can easily be pushed aside to give bathers a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The lightweight glass, which is mounted in an aluminum frame with gear hinges, is durable enough to withstand daily use. In addition, one of the 4-fold sections can be removed to create a 3-fold shower screen.

Ella Shower Column Kit’s oversized rain shower makes it superior to other shower kits. The column kit can be connected to a diverter on an Ella brand 2 Piece or 5 Piece Deck Mounted Faucet to create an extended overhead shower. A stainless steel column with a chrome finish can be easily adjusted up to 7 feet tall. There is a vertically movable, 5-mode multi-functional hand shower along the column. The top features an oversize rain shower that can be directed easily to a seated shower or footwell for a standing shower. With this kit, you no longer have to install a wall-mounted showerhead in your walk-in bathtub.

Safety and therapeutic massage therapy should be your top priorities, but aesthetics should also be considered. Not every tub is the same, and no two tubs are alike. Check out our Inward Swing Door Walk In Tubs, Outward Swing Door Walk In Tubs, Two Seat Walk In Tubs, Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tubs, and last but not least, Down Acrylic Walk In Tubs.

Browse several models and select a few that stand out to you—from there, begin focusing on the tub model with the safety, therapy, aesthetics, and optional features that will provide you with the most value. If you can stay focused on what this tub will do to add long-term value to your life, you will be delighted!