Do Walk-in Bathtubs Improve Home Safety?

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When you arrive home after a long day, you crave the aura of relaxation. As tiredness engulfs our world, each of us begin to desire an evolved experience of relief. For many, this includes washing away the stress while bathing; but what if our bathtubs were equipped with more than just hot water and bubbles? TubToday offers walk-in bathtubs that offer a peaceful experience through a variety of therapeutic packages and customizable features. The question that remains is how safe are walk-in bathtubs, and why is one necessary – beyond the therapeutic benefits?

Here we list a few features of TubToday bathtubs that will surely emphasize the safety and need of walk-in bathtubs.

TubToday Features Ella’s Walk-In Tubs
Ella walk-in tubs will enhance your life and offer comfort and relaxation while bathing. Check out these features of our exclusive Walk In Bathtubs with Door & Seat:

L-shaped Aluminum Door for increased accessibility
Ella’s products include a variety of door shapes, with the most recognized – our aluminum L-Shape Outward Swing Door. The diverse form and execution of the outward swing door allows for a 21″ tall toilet clearance for a smooth transition. The sturdy multi-gear handle supports closing and opening the door without any hassle, and provides an ultra secure latching system. This exclusive gear and a shaft-driven 2-latch door lock system is covered with a stunning acrylic ornamental cover. Such a shape allows for an easy slide in bathtub transition from a wheelchair or other accessibility products. Other door shapes offered by Ella’s includes: Stainless Steel U-Shaped Door, Acrylic U-Shaped Door, and a unique S-Class Door Shape on S-Class models.

Ella’s Transfer Models

Here are some of the transfer models that you can choose from:

  • Standard-Sized Transfer30: 30″ x 52″ with a spacious, 22″ wide molded seat
  • Large Transfer32: 32″ x 52″ with an extra-wide, 24″ spacious seat
  • Small Transfer26: 26″ x 52″ with a 19″ small molded seat.
  • Long Transfer60: 30″ x 60″ with a 22″ wide molded seat
  • Widest TransferXXXL: measuring 36″ x 55″ with an ultra-wide 31″ seat

Acrylic Walk-in Tubs
Ella’s Bubbles first-class and walk-in tubs are created with compact, high quality acrylic sheets. As the bathtub enhances your safety and agility, the non-porous sleek white finishing offers the sought after feeling of comfort and relaxation. In addition, a rust-proof stainless-steel frame under the acrylic coating, fashioned with multiple fiberglass mesh, increases the sturdiness and longevity of the walk in bathtub. These finishing touches allow you to relax beyond the features, in the comfort that your WalkIn Tub will remain reliable through a lifetime of bathing experiences.

Ella’s Bubbles Dual Drain Technology (DDT) is world-class
Ella’s Dual Drain Technology offers a unique Fast Draining experience, exponentially decreasing wait time upon exit. Our Door Accessible Bathtubs are fitted with two 2″ gravity-driven drains with four 2″ outlets, two overflows, and two openers for remarkably quick drainage. The usual drainage time calculated by our merchants begins at just 50 seconds, depending on the tub dimensions and other variations.

Our Therapeutic Features will transform your bathing experience
We have fitted hydro-massage, air massage therapy, microbubbles, and a variety of other packages into our Door Entry Bathtubs. These therapeutic features will provide you with the definitive feeling of luxury, coziness, and harmony. Our air massage system also comes with a pump and a 3-speed variable push control so that you can self-sufficiently adjust the water temperature as you please. These features give you complete control over your experience, ensuring that your relaxation remains in your hands.

Free Walk In Bathtub price quote & Free Shipping on most models
Purchasing an Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Bathtub is easier than ever with Free Instant Price Quotes (No In-Home Visit Required), Free Shipping, and Online Checkout. Speak with our Live Agents, Email Us, Call Us, or fill out our Contact Form today to begin Fully Customizing your Easy Entry Bathtub. Our exquisite Customer Service Team and Installation Network will ease your process and make your bathing experience phenomenal from the very beginning. Each Walk In Tub includes a *Lifetime Warranty, granting you permanent peace of mind.

As you begin to age, and the need for assistance begins to increase, a walk-in bathtub can allow for a hassle free bathing experience. Walk-in bathtubs are not just for the elderly of disabled, but for anyone looking to evolve their bathing experience beyond a typical bathtub. Ella’s Bubbles Bathtubs have accentuated features that allow anyone to enhance their experience in the bath. Many customers emphasize that a “Walk In Bathtub is the purchase of a lifetime”, and “the best investment they have ever made”. A daily 20 minute bath means that the average person spends over 121 hours each year in their bathtub; strongly emphasizing the need for attention in this category of life.

Nobody should be restricted by mobility issues, or the lack of features commonly experienced in a typical tub. With an Ella’s Bubbles walk-in bathtub, your vision of bathing will be permanently enhanced through increased safety, comfort, and relaxation.

Here are just a few of the additional features that can be included in your Ella’s Bubbles Walk In Bathtub:

  • Independent Foot Massage (No need to fill the entire tub to enjoy a foot massage)
  • Hydro Massage Jets
  • Air Massage Jets
  • Ozone Sterilization (Water disinfectant)
  • Microbubble Therapy (Mini Exfoliating Bubbles)
  • Chromatherapy (Strategic LEDs)
  • Heated Seat & Back
  • Auto Purge (Clean pump lines automatically after bathing)
  • Thermostatic Control Valve (Intuitive Temperature Regulation)
  • Dual Drain Technology (Fast Draining)
  • 5 Piece Faucet (Quick Fill)

Have any questions? You can contact us today! Ella tubs are the Top Voted Walk In Bathtub of 2022