Experts’ recommendations for Aging in Place in Any Home

aging in place

Aging in place requires making your home safe and accessible.

According to an AARP study, 77% of people over 50 want to age in their homes. Aging in place is typically more cost-effective than moving to assisted living facilities. To make your home suitable for aging in place, start with the bathroom, as it’s prone to accidents due to moisture. Install grab bars, walk-in tubs, and showers, and use vanities with seating.

Other improvements throughout the home include adding a walk-in bathtub, ramps, securing railings, and relocating the primary bedroom to the first floor. Ensure proper lighting and secure carpet edges. Bedrooms can benefit from non-slip floors, effective lighting, and grab bars. In kitchens, consider pull-out pantries, pull-down shelves, and shallow sinks for better accessibility.

Simple improvements for safer aging in place include decluttering, securing or removing rugs, and installing levers instead of knobs on doors. Consider smart home upgrades for easier living and peace of mind. If unsure about which projects to tackle, consult the professionals at TubToday who specialize in aging-in-place home improvements.

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Must-Do Upgrades for Aging in Place in Any Home, According to Experts

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