Jennifer Garner’s Bateau Bathtub Shines

Jennifer Garner's Bateau Bathtub Shines

If you’re taking photos of your Oscars look, it’s not the best thing to have a bathtub in the background. Jennifer Garner, however, seems to glow from her beautiful bateau bathtub.

Jennifer Garner, who attended the 2022 Academy Awards in a red Brandon Maxwell gown, posed for a quick at-home photoshoot in her bathroom before hitting the red carpet. It was hard not to notice the stunning bateau-style nickel bathtub just behind her, even though she is the star of the shoot.

Bateau bathtubs date back to the mid-19th century and are freestanding tubs. Jacob Delafon, a French designer and manufacturer, first produced and installed bateau tubs in stately homes as a symbol of higher class and wealth.

These tubs were dubbed “boats” because of the curved rim that resembles a boat’s bow.

Bateau bathtubs come in a variety of materials, including polished nickel with an enamel interior, like Garner’s.

In addition, because this type of tub can be freestanding, you can plumbed the water fixtures through the floor or even snug it up against a wall, allowing you to design various bathroom layouts.

As opposed to Garner, we may not all have giant paned windows to gaze out of while soaking in a sun-drenched, enormous bathroom. If, however, you are about to undertake a bathroom renovation, then you can still achieve the luxurious, high-class look by swapping your old shallow tub for a deep, fancy bateau.

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