Kendall Jenner’s spa bathroom including gold bathtub & eucalyptus steam shower

On Kourtney Kardashian’s website Poosh, Kendall Jenner’s expensive over-the-top spa bathroom was featured.

Poosh featured Kendall’s 27-year-old bathroom in their latest article on the interior of her bathroom.

Luxury and affluence characterized Kendall’s comfort room amenities.

In the article, it was revealed that the 27-year-old had a gold bathtub, an eucalyptus steam shower, and red light therapy in her bathroom.

Her bathroom walls were also adorned with “vintage-inspired” floral prints displayed in frames with gold trim.

Each time the Hulu star cleans herself, an actual eucalyptus plant hangs inside her walk-in shower.


A calming appeal was apparent in the write-up about the 818 Tequila founder’s bathroom.

Kendall’s bathroom appeared to have large windows that faced the wooded area of her house in the photos posted in the story.

Anyone would probably feel tranquil if they could see nature’s beauty inside their at-home bathroom.

The site’s story also mentioned Kendall’s “energy boosting” body care tools, such as sage smudge sticks and a mini-singing bowl.


The former Victoria Secret runway walker gave fans a tour of her wellness room before entering her bathroom.

Kendall showed off an assortment of health-related machines at her Los Angeles home on The Kardashians’ finale.

Kendall continued to open up about her interest in wellness in a confessional.

“I have loved health for the past couple of years,” she said.

It has become an obsession. Hypochondria is a major problem for me. Every time I think about anything, it’s doomsday, all my friends make fun of me.”

Kendall loves taking care of her body, but she finds it a bit “embarrassing ”.

Kendall admitted: “I think I’m obsessed to the point where it could become unhealthy, ironically enough.”

It wasn’t the first time Kendall had shared her enthusiasm for health with an audience.

In Miami, Florida, she and her friend Hailey Bieber, 26, received an IV cocktail of minerals and vitamins earlier this year.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, she also exercises and eats well.

Kendall enjoys Pilates and ab work, as well as raw vegetables and hummus as snacks.