Marketing Schemes & Data Collection, Are You At Risk?

When someone is looking to make a new purchase, whether it be small or large, where is the first place many will go to do their research? The internet. We are living in a world where everything we do and everything we search on the web is being analyzed and exploited, most of the time without our knowledge.

Online marketing companies are on the prowl for average, everyday people looking for everyday items. From kitchen appliances to interior and exterior remodeling. Their intention is simple, gather the consumers information. Majority of the time, these companies have no products to sell you, meaning one thing, you are the product.

These internet marketing companies are gathering your personal information with the intention of selling your information to multiple companies. This is called Lead Generation. These lead generation sites, formally described as online marketing companies, are paying online search engines top dollar to get in front of the everyday consumer with the goal of collecting your information to sell to other companies. They are making hundreds of dollars off of any combination of: your name, phone number, email, & address.

How do they get your information?

Lead generation companies will disguise their data collection schemes in different ways. They may have you fill out a webform or complete a survey. They know how to capture the attention of their audience online; many times tricking consumers into filling out their webforms or surveys with the promise of a free gift or gift card, free products, grants, or insurance coverage. It is all a gimmick to get your information. Your information is money to them.

What happens when you complete one of these web forms or surveys?

They take your information and sell it to other companies in the industry you are interested in. These other companies will bombard you with phone calls, emails, text messages, & mailers, all trying to get you to buy their products. They will continue to harass you until you pick up the phone or answer one of their many messages. These other companies have no clue what was shown or promised to you in the initial advertisement.

You can tell you are being tricked by a lead generation company because their websites look very generic & lack any sort of real product information. You probably won’t find any before & after pictures, customer reviews, or selection of products. They generally just offer to take your information in exchange for something. Proceed with caution on these types of website.

At TubToday we recommend you search for companies that are local to your area. Find their legitimate websites. Reach out to them directly through their website or call them requesting information. You will be able to tell their website is legitimate because it will have a lot of information on their specific products, customer reviews, pictures of previous jobs, the locations they serve, and other pages to click through. If you call them, they should be able to answer your questions and provide you with most of the information you need.

Here are some more tips on avoiding scam websites and browsing safely.


Article by: Autumn Hultine with TubToday