The Best Shower Seats for Your Bathroom

A shower seat or bench in your shower provides safety for the elderly, as well as convenience and additional functional use for everyone. Depending on the layout of your shower and the space you have available, this seat can provide a place to relax while showering, a place to rest your foot while shaving, or a wheelchair-accessible seat for the elderly or infirm.

Shower seats types

Floating – Attached to the shower wall but open underneath. A variety of materials can be used, and it can provide a minimalist or more modern aesthetic. To ensure it is strong enough to sit on, it must be professionally installed.

A built-in base provides the most support and can accommodate people of all sizes. You can use one material for the “face” of the base and another for the seat.

For a smaller shower, a folding seat requires special blocking to ensure it remains attached to the wall. It is a great alternative for a seat that is not used all the time and can be flipped out of the way when not in use.

When there is no integrated seat in the shower design or when a less permanent option is desired, a stand-alone seat is a great option. Most are made of Teak wood, which requires regular oiling and can slip on the shower floor, so they are not ideal for the unsteady.


Bath seats and benches: considerations

There are several factors to consider when installing a shower seat or bench:

  • It slopes so that water runs off rather than pools
  • Shower size and number of users
  • Other uses of showers, such as washing your pet
  • Bench depth is negotiable, but seat height is usually 17″-19″

A seat can be placed in a corner, along one shower wall, or in an alcove. On the shower floor, there must be a minimum clearance of 30″ radius.

No matter what type of shower seat you choose, you cannot go wrong with it. Shower seats are a great addition to any shower for their functionality, aesthetic appeal, and resale value. In fact, we are incorporating them into most showers we design, and would be happy to discuss your future bathroom renovation needs with you.