This Common First Aid Tool Can Also Clean Your Tub

You probably already know vinegar can clean nearly anything, but there’s also a first-aid-kit staple that’s multipurpose. In fact, it can help clean your tub.

Hydrogen peroxide can clean your shower or bathtub by removing yellowing and brightening grout.

Those who have grout are well acquainted with how dirty it can get. An easy solution is to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove any dirt and staining.

First, create a paste, and then spread it on the tile. Let it rest for five minutes before you wipe it away. Then, rinse to reveal whiter, cleaner grout. The paste can also remove any built-up soap scum on the walls, so this trick is a win-win.

If you have a plastic or fiberglass bathtub, hydrogen peroxide can also help eliminate yellowing that builds up over time.

First, just clean the tub, as usual, to remove any leftover bits of hair or soap scum. Then, spray the hydrogen peroxide and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Finally, use a wet, nonabrasive sponge to wipe away the hydrogen peroxide. If the yellowing is particularly set in, repeat the soak as necessary.

If you want to keep your shower or tub clean after its hydrogen peroxide treatment, this clever DIY bathtub hack can help.

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SHEA SIMMONS @heysheashea