Available on all TubToday walk-in tubs, the Heated Backrest & Seat system helps keep you comfortable and warm while your tub fills. The heating cables are encased in a multi-layer mesh blanket, bonded together through a heat press process, providing excellent mechanical strength and a long lasting, durable design. Advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the surface, allowing for a heated seat and backrest. With its warm touch, it delivers the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and health benefits. Operated by an on/off Push Control or Digital Control, the heated backrest and seat is activated in minutes, keeping users cozy and relaxed from the moment they enter the tub.


CozyHeat® Surface Heating System from NuWhirl®

  • For heating the backrest, seat, armrests and floors of acrylic & fiberglass bathtubs and showers
  • Uses less energy than a standard light bulb
  • UL listed for the US & Canada

CozyHeat® Surface Heaters

  • Flexible, strong & uniquely safe
  • Energy saving, reflective foil/foam insulation
  • Hermetically sealed heating elements and connections
  • Made in the USA Heated Seat and Backrest for Tubs


Ultra-fast pre-heat

  • One-touch, individualized, comfort maintenance
  • 30 minute automatic shut-off timer
  • Splash resistant housing for transformer and electronics
  • Installation/mounting tabs mount to a) tub frame, b) floor 1.5” above tub mounting surface, c) alcove studs
  • 120V, easy plug & play installation

Ergonomic electronic push button

  • Water splash resistant housing for electronics
  • Attractive LED “heatwave” display Heated Seat and Backrest for Tubs