The Transfer L-Shape Outward Swing Door Walk-in Tubs were engineered to suit people who use a wheelchair and those with limited mobility, however it has become very popular amongst everyday users due to effortless access into the tub. The door’s distinct shape and the engineering of the outward swing allows the door to clear a 21” tall toilet and create a wide entry for an easy transition from wheelchair into a smooth acrylic seat. The sleek rubber handle mounted on the inside panel of the door aids in closing the door. The L-shape outswing door is equipped with a unique gear and shaft driven, 2-latch door lock system concealed with an acrylic decorative cover. The 2-latch system creates a more secure and watertight door seal, edging out our competition who typically use a single latch/lever system.

L-Shape Outward Swing Door Features:

  • A 2-Latch Outward Swing Door system for increased strength
  • A strong aluminum door
  • Water proof seal for an anti-leak protection
  • Easy entry/exit access from wheelchair to tub

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