Considering a Walk-In Tub for Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

senior bathing

Are you and your spouse finding it increasingly challenging to step into a relaxing bath due to age-related discomfort? Installing a walk-in tub might just be the upgrade you need.

Here’s why: Walk-in tubs offer a significant safety upgrade. With falls being a leading cause of injury among the elderly—often occurring in the bathroom—a walk-in tub’s low threshold, typically 3 to 7 inches, is a game-changer compared to the standard 15-inch bathtub wall. This feature alone could safeguard your independence by minimizing fall risks.

Beyond safety, the allure of a long, warm soak is undeniable. Unlike walk-in showers, walk-in tubs allow you to immerse yourself fully and enjoy the bath without worrying about the hot water running out too quickly.

However, there are considerations to weigh, including the cost. You might be looking at an investment of $3,000 and up for purchasing and installing a walk-in tub. While Medicare and most insurance plans don’t cover walk-in tubs under standard benefits.

combo walk-in tubInstallation is another factor. It’s not just a plumber’s job; electrical work and possible bathroom modifications might be necessary. It’s wise to engage a full-service provider like TubToday, which promises efficient, comprehensive installation, potentially within a day unless unforeseen issues like rot are discovered.

Keep in mind, a walk-in tub may not appeal to everyone. For instance, Nick Boatner of TubToday observes that while the elderly prefer walk-in tubs, they may make your home less marketable to younger buyers. Walk-in tubs, with their inward-opening doors and built-in seats, offer a different bathing experience and aesthetics that may not be universally appealing.

Lastly, consider your water heater’s capacity and the patience you’ll need as the tub fills and drains—this can impact your overall enjoyment of the bath, especially in a cooler bathroom environment.

In summary, while the investment and adjustments required for a walk-in tub are considerable, the benefits of safety and comfort could be well worth it for a peaceful and independent bathing experience.