How Much Does a Shower Cost?

TubToday is more than just tubs, we do showers and lots of them. You may be shopping for a new bathtub or shower and be wondering what is involved and how much will it cost. I hope this article will give you brief insights into the cost of a new bath, shower, tub to shower conversion or bath and shower combo.

Each of these products will have very similar amounts of labor and materials and the project costing will be the same. The items that will factor into your pricing and the recommended process for starting your design is to first determine your priorities. Which is most important to you? Is it budget, style and function, safety, or luxury fixtures and finishes? Once you have determined your checklist it is time to start building and designing your project. Time to call TubToday!

Items that will be selected and determined with your TubToday in home product specialist will be: level of demo and removal of old materials, dimensions of space from studs to studs, plumbing locations and relocations, proper substrates, framing or structural changes, construction materials, wall materials and finishes, custom size pans or walls, fixtures and finishes, accessories and storage, seating and safety accessories, glass, or curtain. In addition to the wet space, you may desire a quote on flooring, vanity, toilet, and lighting or even a full bathroom gut to the studs.

When discussing terms and payments, you may be a cash customer and have a strict budget to stick to or you may desire to have more flexibility and utilize financing for a portion or all your shower / bath remodel. Financing is quick and simple and is done in the home. Be sure to discuss openly your budget or at least provide feedback if your quote is too high so that adjustments can be made.

TubToday offers a wide variety of tub to shower and custom shower and bathtub materials and options. These are selected to meet the very practical and budget savvy homeowner who is looking to keep it simple and keep the costs down as well as options for the highest end customer looking for top of line finishes. Fixtures made in Germany with rain showers and thermostatic mixing valves, standard all brass pressure balance valves and handheld shower wands. Custom glass walls and enclosures, gorgeous teak seats, and spa like options to build a luxury sanctuary.

Your home comes into play as well. Do you live in a vintage 3 flat on the 3rd floor with older piping or are you in a single-family home with all modern construction materials on the first floor? While these do not make huge swings in pricing, they all factor into a well-designed project to suit your needs and provide a lifetime of satisfaction.

When you are ready for an in depth and detailed project quote, do not hesitate to call 630-877-4294 to schedule a no pressure, completely free in-home consultation. Visit our showroom in St. Charles and meet the team!