TubToday Stairlifts Vs Competitors — What You Need To Know

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TubToday versus Acorn, Bison, Bruno and LEAF stairlifts. What is the difference?

Article By Nicolas J. Boatner of TubToday Illinois

If you have ever shopped for stairlifts, you probably noticed that TubToday stairlifts are less expensive than Acorn, Bison, or Bruno. You may wonder why there is such a difference in price. Do Acorn, Bison, and Bruno lifts really perform better than TubToday lifts?TubToday stairlifts are made up of the highest quality and most durable components available on the market today. In fact, TubToday doesn’t even offer models with lesser ratings. Our TubToday stairlifts are rated at 350 pounds, while the competition uses lower cost, lighter duty models rated at 300 pounds. Stairlifts’ drive systems, arguably the most important component, are also significantly different from one another. The worm drive system used in TubToday units is the latest technology.In addition to maximizing torque and extending battery life, this system minimizes friction and wear. TubToday’s system is extremely quiet. Lifts used by Acorn, Bison, Bruno and Leaf require maintenance and maintenance plans due to outdated drive systems. The older rotary systems use rack and pinions or gears on tracks, which are metal on metal. Keeping rack and pinion systems running smoothly and quietly requires maintenance and lubrication.The other option offered is a cable and winch system. This system is the most problematic as it requires maintenance and jolts or shudders of the lift while operating can frequently engage a safety lock out that requires service.TubToday stairlifts all come with this as standard: 350 pounds rated carriage and drive system, aluminum track with composite worm drive, two cordless remote controls, 19.5” wide seat and full installation, extended life batteries good for 60 cycles up and down during a power outage. Optional accessories include a fold up track section to maintain clearance by doorways, receptacle/outlet installation, heavy duty unit rated at 600 pounds, exterior units and curved units to fit any staircase.

Our Conclusion

All the companies and stairlift units will accomplish the primary task of restoring access to the whole home. It will utilize your existing staircase for its path and will transfer its rider from floor 1 to floor 2. Folks with mobility concerns will have full access to all levels of their home.Be cautious of where you get your information when researching companies. Large national brands like Acorn, Bison, Bruno or Leaf may actually own the consumer feed back and review sites you are visiting. The web is full of marketing gimmicks and tricky websites to capture your business. We at TubToday cover smaller territories, offer personalized service and showrooms to display our products. We keep things honest and transparent, keep our costs low and offer unwavering quality in materials and craftsmanship.Our company offers so much more for so much less. We hope to earn your business. Give us a call and we can walk you through the cost and installation of your new stairlift! 630-877-4294 or 1-888-494-BATH