How To Choose A Walk-In Bathtub

Step By Step

Before You Purchase Your Walk In Tub

1: Get Bather’s Measurements
2: Determine Home Dimensions
3: Evaluate Door Shape and Opening Dimensions
4: Choose Door’s Style
5: Choose Door Handle Position Preferences
6: Consider Drain & Door Direction
7: Understand Therapeutic Options

Learn About Therapeutic Benefits

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all walk-in tub and that’s why we offer 25+ walk-in tub models, with an average of 4 jetting package options and 2 door directions to choose from.

1: Get Bather’s Measurements

Walk-in bathtubs with a seat and door are designed for comfortable sit-in bathing. To make a correct walk-in bathtub size selection, you must measure the bather’s hip, shoulder width, and the bather’s extended legs in a sitting position. Please view the images and directions below.

First, take a measurement of your hips. In a relaxed seated position, pull the measuring tape across your pelvic area from one side of your hips to the other. Keep the tape measure straight, making sure it’s not bent around your hips. That will determine hip width. Write that measurement down.

Next, take the tape measure and stretch it across your chest from the outside of your left shoulder to the outside of your right shoulder. Again, don’t bend the tape measure around your chest, keep it straight. That will determine shoulder width. Write that measurement down.

To determine the best length, place the chair facing a wall and gently place your feet against the wall while resting your heels comfortably on the floor. Your toes should touch the wall and your heels should rest comfortably. Now measure from the back of the chair straight to the wall, keeping the measuring tape straight. That will determine length. Write that measurement down.

2: Determine Home Dimensions

Assess the layout of your bathroom or location where the walk-in tub will be installed.

  • Before purchasing a walk-in tub, measure the door and hallway widths from the front door all the way to the bathroom, including turning angles leading to and into the bathroom. These dimensions will help you choose the right tub length and width that meets your space constraints. We want to make sure you don’t order a walk-in tub that will not fit into your home. Installing a tub that is larger than the door width is possible, but it will probably require door frame removal or possible door opening modification. Measure carefully!
  • Also, keep in mind any fixtures in your bathroom where the tub will be located, such as cabinets, drawers, toilets or sinks may prohibit the opening and/or operation of an outswing door. Read all specifications carefully, and as always, feel free to call our customer service should you have any questions.

3: Evaluate the Walk-In Bath Door Shape and Opening Dimensions

Consider the bather’s physical impairments and bathroom layout when choosing a door type.

  1. If you are able bodied and need no assistance walking or standing then our u-shape door models are right for you:
  • Our Inward swing U Shaped Door is best if your narrowest hip dimension is less than 16 ½ inches. Consider the door closing radius as the door needs to clear your knees as it pivots on the door hinge after you step in and sit down.
    Inward swing doors are also ideal if objects or fixtures in the bathroom will prevent outward swing door movement. An inward swing door may be best for smaller bathrooms.
  • Outward swing doors are best if your narrowest hip dimension is less than 20 inches. Outward swing doors are ideal if you have the space in your bathroom to accommodate the full arc of door opening and closing. Again, always keep in mind the location of cabinets, toilets or other fixtures in your bathroom.
  • L-shape outswing door tubs are ideal for bathers with oversized body types and bathers that require the use of a wheelchair or walker. The L-shape outswing door allows bathers to effortlessly slide into the seat through the wide 36” L-shape door opening. The L-Shaped door also can fit over a 21” toilet.

All of our walk-in tubs, regardless of door style, have an extra low threshold for easy entry and exit. Walk-in tubs are easy-in and easy-out.

2. If you’re not constrained by room size or fixtures, you can choose the door that fits your needs or simply looks the best to you:

U-shape Doors

      • Inward Swing: Made from a custom brushed stainless steel and a frosted tempered glass window to give a sleek, contemporary look.
      • Outward Swing: Made with industrial grade durable plastic composite material with a decorative tempered glass front screen to conceal the mechanical door lock system.

L-shape Doors

      • The aluminum door’s distinct L-shape design allows the door to clear a 21” tall toilet and create a wide entry for an easy transition from wheelchair into a smooth acrylic seat. The sleek rubber handle mounted on the inside panel of the door also aids in closing the door.

Door Handles

      • Bathers who have limited use of their arms, or suffer from reduced upper body strength, will find the U-shape outward swing door easier to operate. The handle allows bathers to simply lift the lever on the outside of the door when opening and closing the door.
      • U-shaped inward swinging door handles are more convenient as they are located next to the hips for easier access. The extended handle allows bathers to effortlessly lift the lever, bypassing bathers legs when opening and closing the door.

4: Consider Drain & Door Direction

When choosing a walk-in tub drain position, consider the following:

Floor drain position will be up to you as most of our walk-in tubs come standard with a left or right 4-port dual drain system that can be directed to drain water towards the front or rear of the tub.

TubToday walk-in tubs come with either a left hand drain, or a right hand drain on all models except Front Entry, and our Two Seat Tubs models. All models are equipped with a Dual 2” Drain except the Mobile and the Front Entry walk-in tub models which come with a single 2” Drain with an emergency pull chain.

If you choose a tub with the door on the right side, the drain will be on the right side and connect to the house drain on the left. If you choose a tub with a door on the left side, the drain will be on the left side and connect to the house drain on the right. Our flexible design system will accommodate whatever is most convenient for you and your home. We do also recommend a two inch house drain for maximum efficiency.

It basically comes down to an aesthetic choice. It’s up to you where you think it’s best to have the doors and the drains. Think about factors such as if you’d like to face a window or perhaps you have a TV you’d like to view while bathing. Keep all of this in mind as you make your selection. Your comfort and relaxation is an important consideration.

U-Shape Inward Swing Door

U-Shape Inward Swing Door

U-Shape Outward Swing Door

U-Shape Outward Swing Door

L-Shape Outward Swing Door

L-Shape Outward Swing Door

5: Proper Hot Water Heater And Supply Requirements

TubToday Recommends the maximum hot water supply that’s available for your home. Anything less than a 75 gallon hot water heater is not recommended. If your hot water heater is too small, your tub will not be supplied with enough hot water. We also recommend ¾ inch supply lines with shut off valves that are close to the tub and easily accessible. Keep in mind, that when you order our two or five piece fast fill faucet sets, five foot supply lines will be included with your tub!

6: Understanding Therapeutic Options

TubToday offers a wide variety of therapeutic jetting packages. The configuration of a particular package depends largely on the size and type of tub you order. Basically the larger the tub is, the more components it can house within its stainless steel frame. A smaller tub will naturally have fewer components due to size constraints. The maximum number of therapeutic options that can fit into a tub is 4. Please visit our detailed product pages to see the combination options available for the tub you’d like to purchase.

Larger tubs like TransferXXXL, Transfer60, ShaK, Ultimate and Elite and the 2 seat models can fit all of the below therapy options:

  • Hydro + air + hydro/independent foot massage
  • Hydro + air + microbubble + hydro/independent foot massage

3 of the most popular therapy combinations are:

  • Hydro + Air
  • Hydro + Hydro/ Independent Foot Massage.
  • Hydro + Microbubble Therapy

Below is a description of the benefits of air, hydro, and microbubble therapy. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Seek the medical advice of a doctor before purchasing a microbubbles system to relieve any skin conditions.

Air Massage Therapy
Bathers who are bariatric or have mobility challenges may enjoy the air massage feature with bidet jets to help keep the bather clean in hard-to-reach places. Air massage is easily activated with the touch of a button and has three speeds, low, medium and high. Our air massage system also comes with auto purge. Auto purge clears the moisture from your tub’s air system after bathing to prevent mold and mildew. 20 minutes after your bath, auto purge turns on and runs for two minutes, clearing the air lines so there’s no standing water.

Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy
Bathers who have skin conditions may benefit from a microbubble jetting feature. The microbubble system generates literally billions of microbubbles that are less than 50 microns in size. The water in your tub will turn from clear to completely cloudy as these tiny bubbles fill the tub. Microbubbles penetrate the initial layer of the bather’s skin thereby creating an exfoliating, hydrating and invigorating bathing experience. Some of our customers have told us that the microbubble therapy has helped them with their psoriasis and eczema, as well as leaving their skin feeling healthier and cleaner.

Hydrotherapy Massage
Bathers who have circulatory challenges like diabetes, hypertension, or amputation may benefit from a hydrotherapy jetted walk-in tub. An intensity control dial allows the bather to control the intensity of the hydrotherapy jets to suit their personal comfort level. Turning the control dial up introduces more air into the jet stream and turning it down reduces the amount of air. An inline water heater keeps the temperature of the bath consistent and comfortable, allowing you to bathe as long as you like. And eco-friendly ozone sterilization automatically engages when the hydro massage is activated to help keep your tub clean and fresh.

Hydrotherapy + Independent Foot Massage
This is one of TubToday’s most popular features and only we offer it! Now you can enjoy a luxurious hydro foot massage without having to fill the entire tub. Just fill the foot well in your tub and turn on the foot and calf jets to experience a soothing, relaxing hydro foot massage. This also comes with its own separate pump and intensity control dial so you can adjust the level of hydro massage. In just minutes, you can enjoy an independent hydro foot and calf massage with 4 strategically placed jets.

Soaking only option (no pumps, no jets)
For anyone looking for a simple bathing experience to soak away the stress, this soaking option is an excellent choice. Taking a warm bath may calm nerves, clear sinuses, and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints.

Before you Purchase Your Walk In Tub

Ask Yourself (Not Your Salesman) these Questions

TubToday is committed to putting you into the walk-in tub that best fits you, your lifestyle and your body type. We don’t believe in high pressure sales. We believe in providing you with the best information so you, the customer, can make the most informed decision about which of our walk-in tubs to purchase. The following questions are the most frequently asked about walk-in tubs, and we have provided the answers in clear, easy to understand terms.

Learn About Therapeutic Benefits

Bathers may benefit from hydrotherapy jetted walk-in tubs if they suffer from these health concerns:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis or Osteoarthritis arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Adema
  • Knee replacements
  • Amputees
  • Users of canes, walkers, wheelchairs
  • Discectomy or Laminectomy
  • Lupus
  • Parkinsons
  • Hip pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Strokes
  • Injury from falling
  • Hypertension
  • Slow circulation

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult your doctor before buying/using a walk-in tub.

Before you Purchase Your Walk In Tub

Ask Yourself (Not Your Salesman) these Questions

TubToday is committed to putting you into the walk-in tub that best fits you, your lifestyle and your body type. We don’t believe in high pressure sales. We believe in providing you with the best information so you, the customer, can make the most informed decision about which of our walk-in tubs to purchase. The following questions are the most frequently asked about walk-in tubs, and we have provided the answers in clear, easy to understand terms.

How do I know I’m getting the best, fair price?

A “fair price” can be interpreted in many ways. A salesperson’s job is to simply sell you the most expensive tub available. TubToday is transparent about our pricing. We don’t play “sales games.” Each walk-in tub is clearly priced and that price does not change according to your status, budget or intentions. Our tubs vary in price depending only on the style of tub and the options available on that tub. In fact, our representatives can even offer discounts when available to help you stay in your budget and purchase the tub you can afford.

Will the tub I choose be assembled, jetted and tested in the USA?

Unlike other Walk-in tub companies, each TubToday Walk-in tub is assembled, jetted, and fully tested right here in the United States at our warehouse facility in Chicago, Il. Be wary of other companies that brag about their U.S. representation and U.S Retail sales. A walk-in tub that is manufactured and assembled overseas can leave you with a walk-in tub that is less reliable, harder to service, and one with a “lifetime limited warranty,” that really covers very little.

How fast does the tub drain? Will I have to wait a long time as it drains?

Walk-in tubs from TubToday utilizes our proprietary “Dual Drain Technology.” It’s the fastest gravity driven drain system in the industry. It’s exclusively designed, and offered only from TubToday. Faster drain times mean minimal wait times, so you can exit your tub in less time. Dual, oversized four port drains means your tub will drain with speed and efficiency. No one else offers this! Other salesmen will try to explain that your home “won’t benefit” or “won’t be able to handle” our dual drain system. This is simply not true. Since they can’t offer “Dual Drain Technology,” they will simply try to discredit our superior system. Keep in mind that powered drain systems like the “American Standard” quick pump need electricity to function. If the power fails, your tub will not drain quickly. Our gravity driven dual drain system need no power and will not fail, even when the power does.

What makes the design of TubToday Walk-In Tubs so unique?

TubToday offers 25 different models of walk-in tubs, each one expertly designed by our engineers. Each model has different and unique features, giving you a wide range of size, jetting options and even door styles. Our engineers have been compiling over 15 years of customer feedback so they can continue to craft the finest walk-in tub experience for our customers.

To the eye, most walk-in tubs look the same. You will find however, that the differences lie in the amenities and the design details. A customer needs to pay attention to things like ease of entry, grab bar locations, foot and leg room, hip and shoulder clearance and function button positioning. TubToday’s wide range of products addresses all of those questions with lots of variety, making it easier for you to customize and choose the best walk-in tub for you.

Finally, What makes TubToday Walk-In Tubs stand out from other brands?

A fast talking salesperson can make anything sound like a great deal. Remember, they’re trying to make you spend as much of your money as possible. Every walk-in tub brand offers basically the same basic features. What makes TubToday stand out from the rest is our unique approach to sales, customer service and our custom design packages. No one else can offer special features like dual drain technology, and independent foot massage. Add in Infusion® Microbubble therapy, our two-seat walk-in tubs and the largest walk-in tub on the planet (The ShaK,) and you’ll see that TubToday simply offers better products and more options at a better price than any other walk-in tub brand in the industry.