Bath Remodeling for Seniors Made Safe & Affordable

Bathroom remodeling can be a matter of safety more than a matter of aesthetics for many seniors.

Regular bathroom setups can become unsafe for seniors with mobility or accessibility hurdles. Adaptations might be necessary for walkers or wheelchairs, more space for other medical equipment, or perhaps manual supports and assists for the hands.

Seniors aged 65 and older are at a higher risk of falling each year in their homes. And often, those falls happen when getting in or out of the tub or shower.

As people age, the bathroom becomes the most hazardous place in the house. Especially with the pandemic going on, seniors often choose to remain in their homes as they get older.

That’s where TubToday can help. TubToday offers “tub-to-shower conversion” – replacing a 16-to-18-inch-tall traditional tub with a brand-new walk-in shower. They also can provide walk-in-tubs. While TubToday serves all demographics, it predominantly serves the senior community. TubToday has top ratings on sites like Google & Facebook, and is one of the most affordable options.

For more information about TubToday, which is locally owned and operated, call us or fill out our contact form for more information on bath remodeling for seniors.

Fully Accessible Bathrooms

TubToday specializes in making sure bathrooms are ADA compliant. This includes a variety of updates. Any bathroom doors should be approximately 34 inches wide to prevent falls and accommodate a potential wheelchair, with a recommended turning radius of five feet – and under-the-sink clearance of more than 24 inches. Mirrors, too, should ideally be lowered for accessibility purposes. Most frequently, added service that seniors request is removal of the tub to convert it into a walk-in shower with grab bars, a bench, non-slip flooring, and a handheld extension for the shower head. Non-slip floors can be trendy and stylish, with textured tiles or wood being two popular looks for seniors. A walk-in tub that offers heating, massage jets, chromatherapy, handheld shower extension and grab bars is very popular these days as well.

TubToday offers bathroom remodeling starting from the wet area, where your bathtub or shower sits, and we break it down to the studs and work our way outwards, using our own materials so that we can offer our customers a lifetime warranty. After that, customers often ask to also remodel their vanities, mirrors, lighting, floors, toilet, or other fixtures – and occasionally even plumbing if necessary.

In addition to installing walk-in showers and walk-in tubs, TubToday can also match the vanity top and the sink to the shower by replacing the countertop. Technicians can also install new fixtures and replace the toilet with a comfort-height toilet. Bidets, repositioned toilets and support bars are other frequent updates for seniors with safety concerns.

Servicing the Entire Chicagoland Area

TubToday is located in St. Charles, IL & Waukesha, WI. We service the entire Chicago metro area along with the surrounding suburbs and the lower half of Wisconsin.

We send one of our design consultants to go over to each person’s home and they take measurements, bring samples and ideas. We talk to each person on how they want the work completed. It is a custom job for each project and they also get their estimate the same day.

To learn more about TubToday, or to schedule a free consultation on bath remodeling for seniors, call or contact us online.

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