Walk-In Tub Features to Look For

Walk-in bath tubs come in many different styles and prices. Some keep it basic with a walk-in conversion package for as little as $3,000. Some indulge in the supreme luxury of tubs that cost up to $20,000. Most folks spend somewhere in the middle or finance for $75 – $200 per month based on credit, lender, down payment and other factors. With such a wide range of features are available, it can be difficult to tell which are worth having. Here are some walk-in tub features to look out for.

Soaking tubs: These walk-in tubs provide a deep and relaxed place to sit safely. They have some safety features and their design is basic. The seats are designed to provide comfort for long soaking sessions.

Air bath tubs: Air bath walk-in tubs direct bubbles to the water using a series of small orifices around the tub. This smooth and gentle massage can help improve circulation and aid in personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Hydrotherapy tubs: Also referred to as whirlpool tubs. These walk-in bath tubs feature a series of jets that can massage tired muscles and receive joint pain and stiffness. These are not suitable for people with some heart and blood circulation issues, so check with your doctor before selecting hydrotherapy walk-in tubs.

Two-seater tubs: These spacious walk in tubs provide two seats that typically face one another. The drain is located in the bottom center, and their larger size makes them suitable for more spacious bathrooms. Ideal for couples looking to engage in spa treatments together.

Combination tubs: If you’re looking to customize your bathing experience as your needs change from day to day, combination tubs are a great option. They switch from an air bath to a hydro tub with the push of a button.

Bariatric tubs: These tubs feature an extra-wide door design to provide spacious seating for larger users. Depending on the model, bariatric tubs can be soaking, air bath, whirlpool or a combination of these. These tubs are wheelchair accessible as well.

Walk-in tub/shower combinations: When members of your home need the safety of a walk-in tub and others want the convenience of a fast shower, this is the ideal option. Overhead showers and handheld showers with wall mount slide bars are two of the most popular means of achieving a combination tub shower system.

Luxury tubs: Fine details set luxury walk-in tubs apart from the rest. These large, deep tubs are packed with thoughtful features and top-quality materials. Curved backrests, chromatherapy lights, adjustable water jets, aromatherapy vessels, micro bubble systems, heated seats and inline water heaters are just a few of the features you will find in luxury tub models.

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