The Best Walk-In Tub Brand of 2022

Ella’s Bubbles was Voted the Best Walk-In Tub Brand of 2021

No More Searching!
Are you in the midst of a search for 2022’s Best Walk In Bathtub? You might find yourself drowning in options, consistently entering your information for prices that you don’t receive, and confused on which company to trust. What if you could make your choice in just three steps or customize your own 2022 Best Walk-In Tub? What if you could speak to a real agent devoted to giving you the best price on the market and an honest opinion of the Best Walk In Tub choice?

This article is to help put your Walk-In Tub search into an honest perspective, providing relief to the struggle while searching for the 2022 Best Walk In Bathtub – without any bias! Improving your home is meant to be exciting, which is why we took the time to spark simplicity back into your Walk-In Tub shopping experience. If you wish to dive even deeper beyond this article, our experts have constructed a How to Choose your Walk-In Tub page that highlights the most crucial considerations while searching for the Best Walk-In Tub of 2022! Below are just a few highlights that we recommend keeping in mind when searching.

Acrylic vs. Gelcoat?
Imagine you are purchasing a car. Before diving into the specifications, you must first determine whether or not you want 2 Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive. Similarly, before choosing the specifications of your amazing Walk-In Bathtub, you must decide whether or not you prefer Acrylic or Gelcoat. Thankfully, this does not necessarily come down to preference! Gelcoat is inevitably a lower-cost material that is much more porous than Acrylic, leading to various issues down the road, such as tub staining and lower durability. The cost difference is minor, so we highly recommend Acrylic as your material choice. To view a wide variety of acrylic walk-in bathtubs, we recommend checking out our walk-in tub page.

Walk-In Tub Style
Now that you have determined between Acrylic & Gelcoat, it is time to assess your accessibility needs – ensuring the perfect Walk-In Bathtub is located in your 2022 hunt. In most cases, this is directly relevant to the Size and Door Type included in your Walk-In Bathtub style. You can choose between an Inward Opening U Shape Stainless Steel Door, Inward Opening S Shape Stainless Steel Door, Outward Opening U Shape Door, Outward Opening Wheelchair Transfer L Shape Door, Two Seater Walk In Bathtubs or Lay Down Walk In Bathtubs. Your choice should be based on evaluating personal preference and home limitations. If you need any assistance with this choice, our experts are beneficial and can walk you through the process. Feel free to Give Us a Call or Contact a Support Representative.

Therapy Packages & Add-Ons
The final step is even more exciting, including additional features to evolve your Walk-In Tub into the Best Walk In Tub of 2022! Different companies will offer various features, so be sure to choose wisely. Ella’s Bubbles Walk-In Bathtubs offer Patented features and exclusive therapy packages that are not found anywhere else! Some of our most exclusive Therapy Packages include Microbubble Therapy, Independent Foot Massage Experience, and your choice of Hydro – Air Jet Combinations. Some of our most renowned Add-Ons include 360° Swivel Tray, Glass Shower Screens, Shower Column Kits, Thermostatic Control Valve, Heated Seats, Standard Pillow Riser, Bidet Pillow Riser, Headrests, 2 Piece Faucet, or 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucet (included). A wide variety of features allows you to customize your own perfect Walk-In Bathtub for 2022.

Delivery: Best Walk In Tub 2022
Your preferred Walk In Bathtub of 2022 is crafted in just three simple steps. Our team at TubToday is a Illinois Based company devoted to ensuring your experience is: fair, honest, and low cost!

We hope this article instilled clarity into your walk-in tub search -and pinpointed the most important characteristics of a Walk-In Tub. If you need any additional help, please do not hesitate to Give us a Call or Reach an Agent Directly. If you would like to see any of our Walk-In Tub Styles in production from our IL Warehouse – you can Schedule a Live Video Chat Demonstration.
We look forward to welcoming you to Truly Remarkable, Custom Designed Walk-In Tubs.