What Size Water Heater Do I Need for a Walk-In Tub?

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There’s a lot that goes into a Walk-In Tub Installation, and one of these considerations is your water heater. It may be difficult to find the right information for the walk-in tub you are seeking. Some online sources say one thing, some say the other. Rest assured, when working with TubToday, we will give you the information you need in a straightforward manner.

We do NOT recommend tankless water heaters for walk-in tubs for various reason.

We offer over 20 different customizable models for Walk-In Tubs. Does this change which water heater you will need? In short, no.

We recommend at least a 50-75 gallon hot water heater for our Walk-In Tubs. This covers all of our models, as it will have enough capacity to circulate hot water through your bath and prevent a temperature drop. This size of Walk-In Tub Water Heater has enough power to keep our whole list of tub dimensions perfectly heated. If your hot water heater is smaller than 75 gallons, go over your options with one of our specialists and talk about the process of installing a larger hot water heater.

All of our Walk-In Tubs are equipped with our two or five piece faucets, each with a shut off valve. These valves are essential for not only your comfort, but your safety. They allow you to shut off or adjust the water supply in a matter of seconds. If you choose to select a five piece faucet, it comes with the optional feature to have a Thermostatic Control Valve (TCV). These valves are an additional safety and comfort feature that let you adjust the water temperature to prevent scalding. These valves give you the power to set the exact degree you would like your water to be. This prevents any fluctuation in temperature, as the hot and cold water is mixed in a chamber before reaching your faucet and pouring into your Walk-In Bath.

Making sure your Walk-In Tub Water Heater is working the way you need it to is one of the most important parts of ensuring that your bath will be working.

Our specialists are ready to answer any of your questions regarding Walk-In Tub Installation requirements. Don’t wait, contact us today for a free quote.