Jennifer Aniston’s Shower Has One Unique Feature


The brilliant piece was revealed initially on Sept. 4 through a teaser Aniston posted for products from her haircare line, LolaVie. In it, she stands in a large marble shower while she washes her hair — and in front of her, you can clearly see a small, square brass mirror attached to the shower head above. Like the rest of the entrepreneur’s home, it’s sleek, minimal, and incredibly chic, not to mention an unexpectedly functional addition to a bath-time routine. That said, you may be asking yourself: What’s the point? And it’s understandable. Upon reflection, it could seem superfluous to have one of these on your sudsy walls.

But in actuality, a mirror in the shower could be helpful in many ways. If you wear makeup, you know how annoying it is to realize your face is still covered in mascara after you’ve already cleansed and toweled off. This addition would ensure that never happens again. And, if you shave in the shower, it’s pretty much a must. The list goes on.

While it’s highly likely that Aniston’s version is custom-made, the internet offers up myriad options you can order immediately to help you create a Jen-approved shower of your own. They may not be aged brass, and you might not be placing them in a floor-to-ceiling marble space, but don’t worry — they all get the job done, and many even look just as chic. Here are a few we love.

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